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Trip to Phobjikha

Phobjikha is well known for en endangered bird species “Black Necked Crane” which is popularly called as “thrung thrung kena” in the locality. The favorable place for the crane can be understood once you reach the place. The place is moist-like muddy whereby it is the most favorable place for the endangered one. The birds fly to Bhutan in early winter and fly back to Tibet once the winter season ends. (more…)


Buddhist icons

Bhutan is one of the Buddhist countries in the world. The Bhutanese have so much faith in Buddhist icons. In recent times, the use of Buddhist icons almost everywhere has become the topic of discussion. There are good and bad aspects in using Buddhist icons everywhere.

The use of Buddhist icons everywhere is the part of our culture. It is our culture and tradition to respect and have faith in Buddhist icons. All the real Buddhist followers pray and believe in Buddhist icons as the real Buddha or their real teacher who will help them to gain peace and attain nirvana. (more…)

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