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Hello viewers……..This is Sonam Rigsel Dorji residing in Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. I have a keen interest in blogging and I hope all of the visitors will love reading/visiting my blog. So, let me introduce myslef………

I am from a very remote part of the country. I am from Silambi, the very serene village in Mongar Dzongkhag. The place is very much backward as compared to the other parts of the country. There is no road connection to the place. The people in the place have been blessed due to the supply of solar panel by the Tarayana Foundation. The recent coverage of the mobile network has brought immense pleasure to the society. And the construction of farm road and the electrification works are taking place.

I am from a middle class family. My family comprises of eight members where I am the youngest of all. I was admitted in Pre-primary in my village school in 1997. Walking in the rain and in the scorching sun while going to the school was really difficult and memorable for me. The school was about one hour walk from my home. Waking up early in the morning and preparing the journey for the school was the stereotypical way of life for people living in the remote. Silambi community Primary School was only the school in the village which admits all the children in the village. It has been the tradition or custom that the teachers have to go door to door asking for the parents to admit their child to the school. The people in the villages could see nothing more than what happened in their village. Thought of every member of a family to depend upon agricultural and domestic products always lingered in the minds of every family. So, it was really tough for the teachers to even to get students to be admitted in the school. The same was what really happened in my life.

I was innocent during my early age as it would be for all the students. I just thought getting education was to go to the school early in the morning, to listen to the teachers, to play and to return back home. The success in my life shone in my early learning itself. I did well in all the activities assigned to me.

The year 2001 was a very challenging year for me. I had to leave my family and leave to Nagor Lower Secondary School, a day walk from my village. It was the first time in my life to leave my family and go to the boarding school at the age of ten. The days and nights without a mother caring aside, without a father to give an advice, without brothers and sisters to pass time was quite a new experience in the journey of my life.

In addition to that the school being very remote the students had to collect fire woods for the teachers and for the school kitchen. Students ranging from classes four to eight are compulsorily sent to collect fire woods and other necessary forest products. I too had no any other option than to join the other friends. But I don’t want to complain to my beloved teachers. They too had no other options being in the most remote school. We served our teachers and I am proud even these days.

I excelled in every field while in the primary schools too. Though from a very remote village, I took an advantage of that and strive to gain all the life-related skills from the teachers and from laymen.

In 2006 I was placed in Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School. I completed my plus two in Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School, Mongar in the academic session 2009. I was awarded as the hardworking and the sincere student while in the school.

I am currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Application in Royal Thimphu College, the first private college in the country.I am awarded as a Government Scholarship under ICUGS (In-Country Under Graduate Scholarship) scheme by Department of Adult and Higher Education. My mission as a college student and moreover as a government scholarship student is to show the best example for others and to be the best and always strive for that only.

I always had a dream of doing something different, something magical and something memorable.My aim was in the field of engineering or in law. I was not selected for the ex-country scholarships. Though really upset and sentimental for not being selected for further studiesI got a chance in RTC as a scholar.


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