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My mother’s illness


January 2, 2013 at around 7:00 AM, when i was still in my deep sleep I got several calls from my sister Sonam. It was very irritating for me to pick up the call at that very early in the morning as I don’t receive calls from anyone at that point of time. Later I also got several calls fro my brother in-low. I received the call then whereby I came to know that my mom was in her last breathe. I didn’t know what to do. By the time I realized, the cold tear started rolling down my cheeks. I could neither move nor do anything at that very moment. No sooner I was in that situation then I again got call from my sister saying that mom was in her sense again.

Then fearing that my mom might have left me all alone in this world, I forced my sister to hand over the phone to my mom. Then my mother said “Where are you? I have really missed you. I would love to meet you if you can come here” in her very slow tone. I could not control my heart no longer. I started crying. I could not hold my phone anymore. Nevertheless, I controlled my self and started to find vehicle towards Mongar. Since it was the time for the school students to leave for their break, I could not find any passenger carriers. Then, I didn’t give up, I went towards Semtokha junction to stop each and every vehicle that moved towards Dochula.

That time was the time when all people rushed towards Punakha to receive teachings and blessings from Je-Khenpo (the Chief Abbot). Some of them ignored me, yet some agreed to take till Punakha. I waited until a taxi came searching passenger towards Bumthang. Fortunate enough, I traveled till Bumthang when the world enjoyed their new year eve’s party, dances and drinks. Again I had to worry about the vehicle which took me till I reach and see my mom. Again I was fortunate enough and I can say God blessed me, where I found another taxi that traveled towards Mongar.

I reached Mongar at around 4:00PM. When i went inside my sister’s house, an unusual feeling passed through my head which nearly fainted me. I entered the house and found my mom lying on the bed. She was no different than a dead body that is kept in the graveyard for the funeral in next few minutes. She was not in her sense and she could not recognize me. I fainted then and don’t remember what happened. My mother was not talking for me for almost one and half day. She was out of her sense. She caught my hands and tried to speak to me, yet the illness stopped her in doing so.

The next day when she came to the sense, she called me and said ” When did you come? I missed you so much. I could no longer bear my pain. I am dying” and she fainted again and lost her senses again. We all cried. We called all people around. They all said “She waited just for you. She will not return now. She was always finding and calling you”. I could not believe them thinking that was not the right time for my mom to leave me. My heart ached, tear rolled down, I could no more control my heart. All were consoling me but just in vain. Nevertheless, she again came to her senses after three – four hours. That she talked with me in her soft tone. she could not talk properly. And she was in her sense almost for two days then.

My brothers reached there in two days when my mom again lost her senses. She was not in her sense for more that 24 hours then. All the families gathered then. All people said “She might have waited for all of you to gather”. And I think they were true in saying so because health professionals said that they were unable to know anything about her disease. And even great Lamas said that it would be very difficult for her to get well.Then when my mom came in her sense she called all of us and said “I could not bear my pain any more. Please be happy and be cooperative to each other. Do cry and be sad thinking that I have left you all. You all have grown up now. Some leave when their child is still an infant. I will not leave any attachments. All of have tried to save me. You brought me to the hospital and did all rituals. I could not live anymore, its my fault. Don’t cry” and she fainted again. We all cried and could no more control our hearts when our mom tried to leave us. Then she lost heat in her body. There was breathe just in her lungs.

I believe in God, God is always there. My mother came in her sense after two days after which she could not even breath. We continued performing rituals every now and then. We went to every Lama, Pow and Pamo (Shaman). We did all things need to be done. My mother then started to improve. She then asked for water. Then for tea and porridge. Now my mother is somewhat well and I am happy for that. I can now be able to help my mom and dad in my possible ways as soon as I get employed.MAY MY MOM LIVE LONGER! MY PRAYERS ARE ALWAYS FOR THE BEST MOM IN THIS WORLD.



  1. sonamd55 says:

    Thank you Sangay for ur wishes…..

  2. Sangay Lham says:

    aiee … u hav suffer a lot moo we didn’t knew nee sad to hear…thank to god and to all your family you did it (y) newai all the best ,may ur dream shine warmly forever…take care …

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