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Bhutan Civil Service Examination


Bhutan is a small and the most happiest country in this world. It is the country land locked between two gigantic countries: China to the North and India to the South. Happy and fortunate to be born in this beautiful and peaceful country of mine, yet employ-ability is yet another concern of mine when I am nearing towards receiving my Bachelor certificate. The policy of Royal Civil Service Commission is to have compact, competent and dedicated civil service. The number of graduates passing out every year from different universities increase drastically. Eventually, with no other options left for RCSC to select the best candidate for the civil service, they conduct BCSE.

Needless to say, I have to sit for the same in this August. For good or bad, for right or wrong, this is the time and opportunity for graduates to prove themselves. In case of me, BCSE strikes through my mind each and every fractions of second. I too have to face the biggest obstacle in my life. I have been going through so many obstacles where I could challenge all. This August is the most challenging and the most important battle that i have to fight for my life.

Preliminary Examinations will tackle all most 50% of the graduates in the first round of the war. Later, the stronger ones will go for the second round of the battle. I worry every day and night about at which round will i reach. Nevertheless, I am not that pessimistic to get afraid of it. I know this is what life is actually all about. I know all are facing it. I know if i don’t get through that is not the end as it may be happening for the good cause. I know god is always there for me.

I write this in my blog, not to show that I am afraid of BCSE but to remind all those graduates to be prepared in advance so that you will enjoy the sweet fruit in your whole life. I say this because government is the only employer in Bhutan which provides the most secured jobs. You may be highly paid in private companies but i feel there is no security in private companies of Bhutan. Therefore, all the best for all the graduate who inspire to sit for BCSE, 2013.


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  1. Lhaksam says:

    Best of luck

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