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Historic Snowfall in Bhutan


Bhutan has experienced one of the heaviest snowfalls on 16th and 17th of February, 2013. The weather was gloomy, cold and the atmosphere was filled with fog. It was actually a bless in the disguise to putt off the forest fire which actually burst out from Memey Lakha and emerged towards Lungtenphu pass. All the fire and forest officials, Desups, Armed forces and volunteers tried their best to put off the fire but couldn’t. So, the very next it was the greatest surprise for all people as early in the morning it was different Thimphu.

All the places, all corners, all passes, all were covered by snow. It was extremely cold, yet my enthusiasm to build snowman arose suddenly. So, I worked almost an hour or two to build it. No sooner i finished building my snowman, then people started to start their snow fights. It was full of fun, yet dangerous too. It was danger since there are chances of slipping through the snow and hitting ourselves.


The very next day, i.e. on 18th February, I came to my college for my daily schedule of programming for my final year project. It was very dangerous since there was very think snowfall in the college. We spent sometime to visit the places in the colleges and saw many gigantic snowmen being built by someone staying in RTC.



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