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Happy Birthday To You

My beautiful GIRL

Hello my precious girl, now in this very special day for you, I want to write and dedicate this letter from my core of heart…. better not say it. As I woke up yesterday thinking of you with the greatest desire to be the first to greet you HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!

Yesterday I saw the sky burst forth and filled my soul to be an exceptional day, now look like the paintings of the sun melt and portray your name here on the shores of my heart, this heart that beats to remember the caresses your lips and puffy clouds embrace my skin. Also observe how gradually dyed blue and gray in one color, one soul, in one sense, to the heavenly hosts a brigade dealer covering my love for you. (more…)


Happy New Year (2013)

2012 has submerged and 2013 had emerged its head. the year that is passed may have been enjoyable, interesting and memorable for most of us. But for some of the unfortunate ones the year might have been really challenging, difficult, full of hardships. No matter how it has been. Forget the past, Never dream of a future. Live in present. Past is passed. Present will take care of the future. SO live happily in present. So, leave all your difficulties, sadness and hardships being faced to the past. But try to learn from the passed in the present to have better future (more…)

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