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Trip to Phobjikha


Phobjikha is well known for en endangered bird species “Black Necked Crane” which is popularly called as “thrung thrung kena” in the locality. The favorable place for the crane can be understood once you reach the place. The place is moist-like muddy whereby it is the most favorable place for the endangered one. The birds fly to Bhutan in early winter and fly back to Tibet once the winter season ends.

It was 3rd December, 2012, right after our Semester End Examination. We, the students of Bachelors in Computer Applications in Royal Thimphu College planned and went for three days camping to the place. All of us were in our final years and we planned to go for our final trip. We collected some amount from ourselves which amounted to almost Nu 35000. We hired a bus which was for Nu. 15000 and that the bus was hired for three days. We were eighteen in number and a driver.

Very sadly many unexpected things happened at Phobjikha, Gangtey in particular. I don’t want to explain all of those for my readers, yet I will explain few. We were late to begin our journey from the starting point itself i.e. form Thimphu street. We reached Bajo town,Wangdue Phodrang around 5:00 PM where we had lunch in the restaurant of one of the friends of ours. We then resumed our journey at 6:00PM whereby we reached to our destination around 9:30 PM. We were late as we have been collecting firewood for the campfire later.

Very sadly, when we reached there, there was a group of people who rejected our camping site. They said it is the reserved site for the endangered ones and no one is expected to be around. We then discussed and planned to head back towards Punakha. We were late and all of us had to spend our night in our seats in the bus itself. The very next day, we reached our next camping site that is along the side of Punatsangchu. It was a wonderful camping site. All the tourists used to camp there.

We fetched our tent, started to cook lunch and we had unanimous work thereafter. We had a trip to the long suspension bridge at Mendagang. We had a site-seeing of Pungthang Dewa Chen Poi Dzong (Punakha Dzong). We suffered, enjoyed and did all things we loved to do. We returned back on 6th December, 2012. All were tired but enjoyed. We reached back to Thimphu then. We all departed and went back to our own home. IT WAS AN ENJOYABLE TRIP.


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