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Say You Love Me


It was an interest and hobby of my sister in-low to watch the Bhutanese movies where Mr. Tandin Sonam and Ms. Tandin Bidha play the leading role. It was on Saturday, 8th December, 2012 we went to watch an aforementioned movie. The movie was screened at City Cinema 2 in Chubachu. Although the movie was screened for number of weeks, the house was full. People were still rushing to get their seats in the hall to get chance to watch the movie.

<p align="justify"I actually don’t have right to explain all details of the movie and moreover I don’t want to do also. The acting of all the actors and actresses were the most remarkable one. The very noticeable difference from other Bhutanese movies is an excellent usage of the dialogues. The songs in the movie were all sentimental and emotional. All the songs are best-suited for the scenes in the movie.

<p align="justify"So, I don’t want my readers to actually know more about the movie. I just want to say the movie is awesome. It is worth-watching. So, watch it. I Salute to Mr. Tandin Sonam. Great Job Done. Keep it UP.


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