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Money Being Everything and Nothing


There has been always a debate in terms of monetary discussions. Some groups of people say “Money is everything”. The other group says “Money is root of all evils”. I would say money is something important at some point of time and nothing at another point of time. I say this because we cannot do anything without money in our hand. But when I say this, I don’t mean to say that money can do anything. It may give you happiness for some point of your life but not at all times of your life. As far as I am concerned, if you are not satisfied with what you possess and still strive for additional amount, you will rather be distracted, hurt and suffered in all times of your life.

I see maximum people in the world are not happy with themselves. They strive to be better in terms of wealth, power and social status. We could hardly find people working for the happiness of others. Very less people are found in this world that run away from the money. If money can be extracted in one or the other way, maximum people strict to it. But I doubt is that an ultimate solution in the life? Is that an eternity peace? Can it buy any permanent thing? The ultimate answer is big NO.

I find there is no monetary value where there is no market. We can survive without money. We can get happiness. We can gain inner peace if we don’t have adhesive nature towards that evil money. Thousands and millions of dollars are useless where there is no market for it to fly. So, NEVER CLING YOUR MIND ALWAYS TO MONEY!!!


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