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How a wife should treat her husband??


Marriage is just once in our precious life time. But I find most of the modern people take an advantage of it. They divorce any time they like to. So, I don’t want to be in any such condition. I think the main reason for such divorce is that any one of the two or both are not satisfied with the other. So, it is extremely important for a wife to understand about her husband and same in case of a husband. Both must know how and when to make the life happy and enjoyable. So, here I wanted to share how should my wife treat me. But I don’t mean to say that only she must treat me in such condition, I will never fail to do my share to her. One thing I must apologize my readers: It is not that only a girl must do it for her wife but a husband must do the same if not better for her wife

The marriage should be maturely treated and kindness should be shown at all times. No disrespect to each other in public or to family members or friends. Wife must not treat her wife like a money bag , or a sex toy , or a garbage bin full of pain and mistreatment. Instead she must treat him as a source of happiness and joy

Both should mold each other and grow in love. Honor each other. Create a trusting relationship. Always take the others’ feelings into consideration in everything you do. Be open and communicate in every situation, from the smallest of things to the biggest. Be faithful. Husband will never accept if a wife talks something and does something different. It is same in the case of a husband towards the wife.

A wife must do whatever she can do to make him look good, to accomplish his goals. Some examples are offer to run errands for him, organize her day to be available to help him with his projects, pray for him and make good suggestions. Give him the freedom not to use your suggestion, and do not be offended if he does not follow it.

A good wife must know that her husband is sensitive about her honoring him as a man. A good wife must also let her husband know that she loves him by kissing him, hugging him, holding his hand, and making him chicken soup when he is sick, because we all know when a man is sick he loves to be pampered. Love your husband the way you wanted him to treat you



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