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Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School


Gylepozhing Higher Secondary School is one of the high schools in Mongar Dzongkhag. It is the school where I have spent four years of my secondary education. It lies along the very gigantic Kurichhu river. Irrespective of its danger and the cautions given by the school management we used to go for swimming along the basins.It is the most hottest place in Mongar Dzongkhag and even in the eastern region of the country

It was full of fun, experiences and enjoyment while in the school. I remember school authorities being very strict in terms of discipline. Moreover, the schools strives to be one of the best school in the country equipping its students with wholesome education. The teachers and the staff working in the school always work for the benefit and the betterment of its students.

In 2009, while I was in twelfth standard, it is the most interesting flashback in my life. I had to tackle with my BHSCE (Bhutan Higher Secondary Certificate Examination) which was the most important turning torque in my life. Moreover we had to also work hard for our SUPW grades irrespective of the hard-working days with our studies.

Clock Tower built by us (2009 batch)

The above clock tower which can be seen beside the basket ball court in GHSS is one of my many memories in GHSS. We were twelve to fifteen in groups who have belt that clock tower. I still remember the bad times we had with Kaka sir, our SUPW guide when we had to gather all Saturday to build the tower. We even went against with Kaka sir because it really took good amount of our time that can be spent studying. But after so many years leaving the school and when I see that tower, I feel myself satisfied and proud enough. Thanks for Kaka sir for your guidance and the school management for providing the required resources.



  1. Nice description of your alma mater. I love the way you put things into words. It can be taken as your dedication for it. But had you added some of its historical backgrounds, this post would have become much better (just a suggestion if you can add).

    You can look into it. I can only wish to travel there & visit it once before i die…

  2. @ Sonam Dorji…i hope you don’t have to flip back your album of memories to remember me..i completed my high school from GHSS as well..hats of to the amount of hard work that you guys had out up after our departure from GHSS…GHSS is still the pinnacle of education and it always will be…some four years have passed since i left gyelpozhing..it is a great place..your feud with Mr. Kaka sounds to be epic but you must agree that guy is a legend there..it was an honour working with him…i still remember the days when we use to sneak sugar and dry fish out of the mess without his knowledge…those days were great..i still feel the momentary thrill of excitement running down my spins when i recall those days…innocent imagination, wild ideas, unfathomable cooperation, and zero compromise with studies are the treasures of Gyelpozhing…i wish every Gyelpozhing graduate remember this place where they walked in as a boy or girl and walked out as lady or man and savor it…thanks Sonam Dorji for reigniting the flames of memories….

    • sonamd55 says:

      @Yeshi…Yes I totally agree with what you say. Mr. Kaka was good and moreover the best guide in our SUPW. We are proud of him being our guide as the solid, tall and good clock tower can be seen in GHSS as the evidence for his perfection………….

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