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Why Blogging?


It has been seven months since I started blogging. But sometimes laying on my bed, I feel something different and question myself; why do I blog irrespective of the very busy schedule with my college activities? Is it compulsory for me to blog? Or will it be wise if I blog and leave my important works aside. Then Started weighing them; Should I continue blogging or stop.

I should blog. I must continue blogging was the final conclusion made by my mind. I must do all and be equipped with all.I must try all the chances that I get to do. I must be able to tackle all the difficulties that come my way. Be it literature, science, technology or anything else I must not fail in any case. But when I say this my readers may feel that I am trying to be jack of all but master of none, it is not that way that I am intending myself towards. I am trying to do all things in the best possible ways, if not the best; my target must not be the failure but in an average.

Singers share what they feel through their voice. Writers and authors share through their books and writings. People who can talk share through their speeches. But for me why not I can do through blogging, where whole world may know what I feel, my opinions and I cal also get the suggestions from any corner of the world irrespective of the religion, cast, gender, etc….

But I too had question in my mind. Will this not disturb my studies? Will blogging help me? Yes was the answer for the both aforementioned question. In the first case blogging takes more than half of my time which may be used in studying. For the later question it is yes because: it will help me in improving my literature, it will supplement my knowledge and moreover it will be the best time pass for me. I sometimes gain wisdom from it because I find myself researching some contents before writing something.




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