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Does Government has the right to censor media?


Media plays a vital role in the government like ours. The government to whether censor media or not is the topic of discussion these days. The government may or may not have the right to censor media but the important topics won’t be available for the grass root level. The government must have a clear thought before the decisions being made. So, I strongly believe that the government has no right to censor media.

There is no other way than media which can make people understand the plans and policies of the government. Yet there is government in the world that censors media. For instance, the government of China has the full power over media. The use of face book and wide used internet provider Google was banned in China. People in the world and especially people of China are unable to get news about the functioning of the government.

Another example can be the government of Germany during the times of Adolf Hitler. Hitler had the power over media where he made them to advertise only good qualities of him rather talking about the number of people he killed during the war. The laymen had no right to express their thoughts than to believe what so ever the government decides. The censoring of media by the government will not let the people really understand the actual policies in the country.

However, Government regulatory measures against the media should only be imposed if it sees a threat against peace and harmony in the country .Peace and harmony is disturbed when defamation reporting is broadcast or published. Every person on earth should be treated fairly. Freedom of speech does not give anybody the right over others. Most media today are being blamed for conspiracy and propaganda in its reporting .Reporters should be fair in their reports. Many are on occasion been blamed for using the medium of television and newspaper to further their own personal agendas to discredit the government of the day.

Finally, in what ever corner you see, only the bad impact will be seen if the government has the right to censor media. As far as I am concerned, I strongly argue that the government must not have the right to censor media. The media is an important source of knowledge for the general public. From television to newspapers to magazines, the media is what connects people in a shared consciousness; experiencing everything in the world.


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