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Career Fair in RTC



Royal Thimphu College, the first private college always to work towards achieving its vision”Royal Thimphu College seeks to become an institution of academic excellence that sets inspiring standards for education by challenging its students to achieve their full potential and to become independent life-long learners who are well-rounded, responsible citizens.” As one of the stepping stones towards its mission Career Development Office is organizing so many activities in order to make its graduates ready to face the job market later. In that sense today, November 14, 2012 we had Second Career Fair for the College.

Be the best

We had almost 40 experts, specialists or simply speakers from different organizations, agencies, corporates and private sectors. To name few, we had Dasho Sangay Khando (National Council Member representing Gasa Dzongkhag) as the Politician, Mrs Namgay Zam and Mr. Dawa from Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Mr. Rinchen Namgay as the producer from film industry, Mr Karma Wangdi ( Chief Infrastructure Officer) from Department of Information Technology and Telecom, so on….

Which way???

So, I choose to go with Mr. Karma Wangdi, the Chief Infrastructure Officer in Department of Information Technology and Telecom. He has an experience of twelve years in the department and he shared all of his experience. The job ladder in IT sector in the country and the future prospects were explained by him too. I asked him “Why the shortage of human resource always there in IT sector irrespective of large number of IT graduates?”. He said ” Graduates lack knowledge required, No additional skills to compete other competitors.” I again asked “Why Royal Civil Service Commission is recruiting less number of IT graduates although all ministries and agencies are in thirst of IT human resource?” Again he explained the policy of RCSC is to keep compact but competent civil servants. My thirst for answer was not quenched either whereby I shot my next question. “If that is the case why RCSC is letting the ministries and agencies to recruit civil servants after RCSC exam, if selected be placed to one grade lower than the ones selected through RCSC exams? Why not RCSC do thorough research against required human resource before any vacancy announcement for civil servants?” Then he said he will keep not of it and will try to take this matter further. But when I say this, it is not the well researched doubt or question, neither it’s not an attempt to criticize RCSC. These are all my feelings.


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