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Life has always got something to teach you!!!


I am neither a philosopher nor a professor or like any other great saint to define life as a whole. Yet I have got many things to share to my readers that the different stages of my life has taught me. Incidences are like a lightening flashbacks fogged by dark lines of clouds, yet i think there are some silver linings in what my own life has taught me. Little was I in early nineties. Crying for my mom’s love and care, waiting for my dad to bring something to eat were my daily routines when I was an infant crying for mother’s milk irrespective of her busy schedule to keep family going.

There was no difference in me when I was with my family until I joined primary school. Then I learned to open my way in the broader way. Learning alphabets was extremely tough and to get unbearable and unforgettable punishments is still pinching my heart. That time I could get nothing what my life has got to teach me. Now I know that I must strive for the best. So to reach there I must work tirelessly. No matter what came our way- be it capital punishments from my teachers like so-called frog jump (we had to bend kneel down and jump like a frog around the football ground), sticks on any part of the body, nettle on butt and hands are some of the punishments. But now I am extremely grateful for those teachers who did that for me. It was all for my own benefits. I learned that nothing comes for free. If it does, you won’t value it.

Then I was parted from my family when I had to leave for my next level of education. I was neither happy nor prepared to leave my family. To live in a society where almost 300 students lived was quite a thrilling and new experience for me. To live in a boarding school for the first time is also a new experience for me. But having been in the most remotest part of the country without electricity and road network we had to collect firewood for our teachers and the school mess. To go into the forest irrespective of weather conditions was again a next challenging task I experienced. There I learned: I have to experience anything that comes my way. To serve my teachers is my duty. To get what I want, I must work hard.

Later in my life stage, I came to my secondary school. When I was in my secondary school, I was little grown up and I had little interest in romance world. But I never forgot my primary duty- to study. Being in the urban area for he first time in my life was interesting, and being one of the youngsters I too got involved in those romantic scenario. I have seen my friends fully engaged in all sorts of romantic world, but I know I must not forget to keep up to what I am supposed to do. I learned to enjoy with studying. I learned it is not wise to enjoy without studying.


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