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Why Prostitution?


First of all, before I start to share my views on the aforementioned title, I would like to say that this is what I vividly feel, it is not written to discourage or blame anyone.

The world has been changed since its creation. It is a tragedy for any youngsters to enter into the hell of prostitution. They become our nation’s lost future nation builders. No need of blaming either Adam or Eve. Similarly neither boys nor girls would be eligible to blame in this case. Whatsoever, I feel the world has submerged all the shame and respect that it had and emerged with all sorts of unexpected behaviors. Some argue: “The world itself is prostitution, it depends on whether legal or illegal”. But as far as my knowledge is concerned the legal marriage can not be called as prostitution. The reason is that it is not done for rendering the sexual services for the payment. On the other hand there are substantial number of teenagers involved in all sorts of problems.

I remember once in newspapers highlighted the banning of drayangs (dancing and singing entertainment during nights). However there seem to be no any outcome. But what i feel is these sorts of people may be present here but not only in these places. It exists in all corners of towns, especially in the streets of Thimphu. I see hundreds of boys and girls searching for jobs which is absolutely difficult to get. Some or maximum of them with no any other options land up in such miserable situations. I feel sad, disheartened, sorry for all of them, yet i can do nothing for them.

When I say all above i have got no piece of right to blame anyone. Neither the ones involved in commercial sex or the ones who are availing the services. Yet, I feel the Buddhist country like ours who believes strongly in Gross National Happiness needs to think wisely and needs to take so many measures. If the trend continues to take its way, I think it will overtake all our culture and customs which we are proud of in whole world.

Firstly those who are involved in all sorts of actions must rethink upon theirs actions. They must know its out comings for now and in future. And for those availing the services must think wisely before spoiling the other who have their own aims and objectives in life. Think about your own sisters, brothers, sons and daughters if they too get involve in such actions.

Next thing is the government has to work very tirelessly and seriously with it.But when I say this, I don’t mean to say that present government is not working upon it. But more or less people of Bhutan are concerned, I see no change in this sorts of problem. I know this will really hamper in the nation’s mission towards pursuing Gross National Happiness. Every individual Member of Parliament must consult their respective constituency. Ministries, Departments, Agencies, NGOs must solve this problem as soon as possible. Youths are future leaders of Bhutan. So, let us all join our mind and hands to care them, protect them and guide them.


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