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Once in my life……


I was once roaming with my fellow friends in the small streets of Mongar town where i found a chit which says….

“I will live if I die also”…………

Many people in the world say, “Life is not a bed of roses”. For me life is what I cannot really explain for my readers to understand. Nevertheless, 2nd November, 2010 I lay on my bed, little sad, little tired but really missed some one really special; I write.

Getting together was a great challenge for me. Proposing (in simple word) was really a courage-consuming of mine. My mind was in romance. I was lost all times imagining about her only. I even could not eat my meals in time. My sister tried her best to comfort me but just in vain. She really understood my true feelings towards her. No matter what, I took the challenge to propose her rather than letting the pain reside permanently in my heart.

She was just laughing. I hardly controlled myself. I nearly fainted. She thought I was just like the modern boys who just propose girls for their luxurious beneficial only. I never had such feelings in the beginning itself. Sorry she had one who loved like I did. Really jealous of him, yet I had to understand how the pain of love is when a flush of wind blows in between. Then we were the best friends. We talked through phone almost regularly. The time came for where my fate turned to her. They encountered a problem or misunderstanding. I had to console my dear friend for losing her boy. Frankly speaking, I had a pain residing deep in my heart for not being able to be with her but she was never sad for me. He was sad as they had no relation. But I never knew what happened. May be not respecting each other or not understanding each other.

We were together since then. Many happy days passed like a wild fire. Every happy moment is followed by sadness as every advantage is followed by its disadvantage. Years being passed. ……………………………


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