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Twenty Thirteen!!!!!


2013 is so close which leads me to think in many possible ways. The year will be full of happiness and satisfaction for whole my families, relatives and well-wishers for i graduate after studying for sixteen years hunting for the knowledge and wisdom in my entire life. I with my other friends will be walking on the beautiful stage of Royal Thimphu College and receiving the hardly earned fruit of my life.

On the other hand, i always wonder which way i may have to take after  my graduation. I understand and know most of my friends who graduated recently face the same problem. To sit for Bhutan Civil Service Examination or to go for further studies or to join in corporates may be some of my predicted decisions soon my brain has to decide. I wonder which path will be the best and in which manner i can serve my king, country  and people the best. I always have great hope and expectation to serve tsa wa sum (King, country and people) with utmost dedication and loyalty but i always keep on thinking how will i fulfill my dream. Will i get that chance?

I always strive for experiences, knowledge and wisdom but i too on the other hand doubt that am i really equipped to face the real world. Am i ready to serve with my utmost dedication and loyalty. So, i would like to pass this message to all my fellow-readers to think the similar cases with all of you and have a thought upon it………..


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