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World is changed……..


I always had a thought that one day I may experience new things in my life. The thought of mine wasn’t mistaken or wrong. The change in the way the world is being operated and seen has something to be realized by each individual dwelling in this world. When I write this I am sure many will oppose, many may feel that I am truly pessimistic. Yet, the present scenario of the world that I see through the lens of my eyes are another need to do so. Nevertheless let me take my keen interest to share what the world has been changed. When I say the change in the present scenario, I don’t mean that the position of sun and moon, Northern and Southern Hemisphere being exchanged. But the thought of people residing in those hemispheres have been totally changed. I know am not an expertise or a scholar to give the fact but myself being a youngster , I would like to comment something related to the present behaviors of modern boys and girls.

Boys and girls in their teens and in early twenties love to be extra-ordinary, something unique, and something unnatural. But most of us if not all don’t exactly know how to be. We love and want to be the best, the famous, the public icon, but we don’t know the way or the path to follow. The time when the path or the journey is being taken, its too late for all of us to realize that it wasn’t the path we wanted to follow. For example, I have seen maximum of my friends suffering and crying over the split milk. The time when I saw something wrong happening to the one I know, I wondered what actually was wrong with them. Why the sadness is always emerging and their happiness being always submerged in an agonizing pain.  I have meet and seen several friends crying after their loved ones. I always tried to console, advice and even to the extent to counsel. I hate doing such things but I too can’t bear the pain when I see my friends in such an exhilarating pain. The more and more time I try spending with them and the more I learn about their problems, I came to know almost all of them had the same problem. The problem was the choices they made were the ones with different wavelengths.

In case of my girl friends, they just look for the one who are wealthy and highly qualified. Girls must know the logic that may be used by the ones who are wealthy. Before actually thinking about the present benefits you may gain from him, why not take a time to think about your future. The time where you have to leave alone: without parents or relatives. The time will come for you to cry when the puff of wind blows the mind of that guy. It may be too late when you know that man has a wife and even children. My dear friends, take your position and get in the shoes of that poor woman and the children. I get hurt and let me to think million times when i happen to see many young girls gallop with an old but wealthy man. At last I have seen it was girls who had to cry and can do nothing. But left spoiled. No other way, he has got what he wanted. If problem arises he can just pay you with any amount. Money may not be a problem for him. So, think million times my dear friends. You may get money or any other luxurious things for time being but how long will you survive with him who has a wife and children aside?

In case of my boy friends, they just look for the short time pleasure they will enjoy with a girl. They never think about that poor and pity girls. But have the mind and think what if you sister happens to be in the same case. Will you be happy? I can’t think upon it. So, try to choose a girl that will love you, trust you and care you more than anyone else. Never look for short term pleasures. It may curse you.

Finally, i would like to say that if my writing contradict and hurts anyone, Let me apologize. But both the girls and boys might have to think before deciding anything in your life. So, TAKE CARE.


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  1. pema kota says:

    creative one ,,,,,,like u had mention in the easy, i too have the similar opinion and views of yours about what you had pen down in that lovely and oceanic white paper….the situation that modern youth had addicted to …….

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