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Lectures and the real time work….


Monggar Regional Referral Hospital

I have got an opportunity to work in the IT department of Monggar Regional Referral Hospital for almost three weeks where i can spend my summer breaks fruitfully with the ICT and Telemedicine Service Department of the Hospital. Almost all of my friends were shocked when i said that i will doing my internship with the Hospital. The thought of only medical staff will work in the hospital may have arose in the minds of my friends. Nevertheless, I considered none of their thoughts where I have known that there will be so many ICT related works in the hospital.

After having came for the office almost for some days, no programmings, no coding, no designs are required. But I know basics of all of those and the applications are required to the fullest.  Nevertheless what are actually important in reality is all the lectures we learn in the classroom and more importantly- its applications and concepts, all the basics like: connecting projectors, printer settings, printings, power points, excels, micro soft works, internet connections (network settings, etc.. ICT professionals must be equipped with all knowledge. No assumptions must be made. We must deal with very tech savvy and the ones who don’t know how to use Office tools too.

But all the above stated are what i feel and what i have learned. It may differ in some of the case of my beloved readers/viewers.


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