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My College (Royal Thimphu College)


Royal Thimphu College is my college

My college, Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Bhutan’s first private college, offers general degree programs under the auspices of the Royal University of Bhutan. The College aims to provide the best possible education to its students, while keeping fees affordable and competitive with those in the region.The Royal Thimphu College develops students’ independence with responsibility in all spheres of their activities, including academics. Students are expected to assume responsibility for their own learning.

When I was studying in my plus two in Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School and when the news of the first ever private college in Bhutan has flown throughout the sphere, I had no interest or time to listen or learn about it. The reason wasn’t because of it being the private college but my lack of financial consideration to get into the college. I never dreamed of being in Bhutan. I had a dream of always going for my professional courses outside Bhutan. 29th January, 2010, the result of Bhutan Higher Secondary Examination Certificate was declared. I could vividly believe myself seeing my marks just in seventies. Really upset, i didn’t apply for any professional courses although i qualified for maximum of the courses.

Nevertheless, the news of Government Scholarship under ICUGS scheme was announced in the BBS television and in the print media. Though really upset, i applied for it. Hundreds of students were there in Youth Village in YDF and we had to wait till all the professional students complete their interviews. I just waited for an hour or so. I lost my patience to wait. I called my principal, Mr. Shankar Lal Dhahal ( GHSS principal) and dicsussed with him that i will join Sherubtse College rather than RTC. He told ” Both the colleges are same and you can decide by your own. Ultimately you have to sit for RCSC exam and if you can do well there, you are well done. I know you can do wherever you join”. I was impressed by his words and thought of joining Sherubtse College. And left an interview.

But i don’t know whether faith, or my luck, or chance or what, I got call from the Department of Adult and Higher Education that I was selected for RTC. I went to scholarship division and did all my works required to be done then. 5th August, 2010 I joined the beautiful college. It was very unique, different and beautiful compared to my previous schools. Three days continuously we are given an orientation on different paradigms. Then normal teachings started. It was totally different comparing to schooling life.

Happy….I love my college. It has all modern facilities. RTC has teachers from local and international. RTC faculty staff hail from six different countries. Together they provide diverse and innovative teaching methods and offer students an international perspective on their studies. All of our lecturers are well qualified and dedicated to providing the best possible education for RTC students.


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