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Inspirational Message from Prime Minister

Message to fellow citizens
Wangdue Phodrang fire

All Bhutanese are joined in grief as we try to reconcile with the images of the great Wangdue Phodrang Dzong consumed by flames and billowing smoke. Of all the fires that have reminded us of the impermanence of life and its manifestations, this has pierced our hearts no less painfully than the terrible sense of loss we endured when, Paro Taktsang, the holiest of our shrines was also destroyed by fire.

But Taktsang has been fully restored and it is no less sacred or significant. It is in fact, more cherished and revered today because the fire awakened all of us to the fragility and vulnerability of this most precious heritage. It gave to many of us the opportunity to contribute to its full and embellished restoration. In so doing, our nation and its people were blessed with great merit (sonam).
Wangdue Phodrang Dzong did not succumb for the first time to the reality and inevitability of destruction. It was destroyed before and it will be destroyed again by forces beyond our control. What we must remember is that it was rebuilt and it always stood as the Dzong that Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal built until the day before. We the people of Bhutan have not lost but gained another opportunity to renew and further enrich our proud heritage. The people of Shar Dhar Gye will have their dzong again. So, like the indomitable will of the Bhutanese people and the fame of Palden Drukpa, Wangdue Dzong will rise again with greater glory and magnificence.
By the wisdom of our King, all the relics that were gifted by Zhabdrung himself are intact. The monks that filled the monastery will continue with their prayers and the Dzongkhag will continue to function in the name of the great people of Wangdue Phodrang. We must seize the opportunity to build a stronger, more durable and glorious Dzong in the name of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and by the will of His Majesty the King.

My College (Royal Thimphu College)

Royal Thimphu College is my college

My college, Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Bhutan’s first private college, offers general degree programs under the auspices of the Royal University of Bhutan. The College aims to provide the best possible education to its students, while keeping fees affordable and competitive with those in the region.The Royal Thimphu College develops students’ independence with responsibility in all spheres of their activities, including academics. Students are expected to assume responsibility for their own learning.

When I was studying in my plus two in Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School and when the news of the first ever private college in Bhutan has flown throughout the sphere, I had no interest or time to listen or learn about it. The reason wasn’t because of it being the private college but my lack of financial consideration to get into the college. I never dreamed of being in Bhutan. I had a dream of always going for my professional courses outside Bhutan. 29th January, 2010, the result of Bhutan Higher Secondary Examination Certificate was declared. I could vividly believe myself seeing my marks just in seventies. Really upset, i didn’t apply for any professional courses although i qualified for maximum of the courses.

Nevertheless, the news of Government Scholarship under ICUGS scheme was announced in the BBS television and in the print media. Though really upset, i applied for it. Hundreds of students were there in Youth Village in YDF and we had to wait till all the professional students complete their interviews. I just waited for an hour or so. I lost my patience to wait. I called my principal, Mr. Shankar Lal Dhahal ( GHSS principal) and dicsussed with him that i will join Sherubtse College rather than RTC. He told ” Both the colleges are same and you can decide by your own. Ultimately you have to sit for RCSC exam and if you can do well there, you are well done. I know you can do wherever you join”. I was impressed by his words and thought of joining Sherubtse College. And left an interview.

But i don’t know whether faith, or my luck, or chance or what, I got call from the Department of Adult and Higher Education that I was selected for RTC. I went to scholarship division and did all my works required to be done then. 5th August, 2010 I joined the beautiful college. It was very unique, different and beautiful compared to my previous schools. Three days continuously we are given an orientation on different paradigms. Then normal teachings started. It was totally different comparing to schooling life.

Happy….I love my college. It has all modern facilities. RTC has teachers from local and international. RTC faculty staff hail from six different countries. Together they provide diverse and innovative teaching methods and offer students an international perspective on their studies. All of our lecturers are well qualified and dedicated to providing the best possible education for RTC students.

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong on Fire???

Wangdiphodrang Dzong

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong was founded by the Zhabdrung in 1639. Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal was supposedly at Chimmi Lhakhang in Punakha when he met a decrepit old man who described a ridge in present day Wangdue Phodrang as a sleeping elephant and told him he would unite the country by building a Dzong on the neck of the ridge. he Zhabdrung, surmising the old man to be Yeshey Gonpo (Mahakala), took his suggestion and sent forth a noble to scout the area. As the emissary drew close to the area, he saw four ravens circling above the ridge. Upon reaching the ridge, the birds flew away in four directions, north, south, east and west.


Dzong caught by fire

24th June, 2012 at around 7:10 PM I was surfing my Facebook and saw the status written the opposition leader, Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay which says “Terrible news – Wangdue Dzong is on fire. The situation appears hopeless. Firefighters and volunteers can’t do anything to control the blaze, which, fanned by strong winds, is now engulfing the “utse”.” and later written in the His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo’s fan page which says ” Sad day for Bhutan today .Wangdi phrodrang Dzong on blaze right now. Thousands of Brave souls fighting the fire. A very sad day for Buddhists all over the world..His Majesty in the site right now battling the fire. bY the Youth…”. I was really sad, yet helpless. I have my semester end examination the very next day. I was worried too thinking that something bad may happen to His Majesty the king and the helpers. May god help Bhutan.

What is Actual Happiness in life???

Many define the aforementioned topic in their own ways. Some think if they get what they want instead of what they need, its happiness. Some think their wealth is happiness. Whereas, there are some who think their health is their happiness. But my mind always asks me “what is Actual Happiness in Life”. So, this is more or less my answer to my mind and also to share to some of the viewers who think in a same way as i do.
People pursue all kinds of things – money, relationships, power, social status, knowledge, skills. But why they do all these? Is it an essential necessities in one’s life? Or does it give them an actual happiness? As far as i am convinced one of the main reasons they do is because they believe, consciously or unconsciously, that it will lead to greater happiness in some sense. Money, for example, is normally just a means to an end. In some cases there’s a contentment in knowing you’ve done the right thing, created a benefit, or done something meaningful. So happiness, very broadly defined, is the real dynamic underlying so much of what we do in life, even if we’re not always fully aware of it. So, in this sense i would strongly support Harvard psychology professor Tal Ben-Shahar for calling happiness the “ultimate currency.”
People often think of happiness as something you get, or a state you get to. But the authors discuss happiness as a resource you can use to increase the chances of success in other areas, as “emotional capital we can spend in the pursuit of other attractive outcomes”.
Can millions and billions of your money in the bank will be forever in your account? Or will it be debited or credited in future? Can all your luxurious cars and the biggest buildings of yours be yours forever? Can the most beautiful wife and husband be together with you forever? Will you be the most powerful and famous man/woman for all times to come? If your answers to all these questions are “yes” i hope it may give you actual happiness. But as far as i am concerned and being in this country of Buddhism, i don’t believe you will answer any of them to be right. So, what’s the use in securing all these? what’s the use if it does not give an ever lasting happiness, actual happiness.
So, if you are happy with who you are, what you have and what you can do,,,I think there is no more than that requirements in our lives. If you think you have what you want and have no greed on what you don’t get, i hope there will be true rays of happiness shining over you. So, its very important for all the sentient beings who wish to be happy to be satisfied with all they have. Learn to reduce your desires, love to share what you have, Desire for nothing beyond your own reach….live within yourself,,,,,,,,you are what you wanted to be…HAPPINESS FOREVER THEN…

22nd June 2012

The day has been very tiring as i was whole day preparing for my 4th Semester End Examination. The Software Engineering book was very thick to cover and Ethics in IT was whole theory. The day has been pretty tiring, so i had a thought of starting a blog which will be a good memoir in my future.

Yes, it stole lot of my time, yet it was interesting and enjoyable. So, this blog will basically serve my purposes for keeping myself in track of what i do and simultaneously getting feedback from my followers.

Thank you.


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